Beef Nihari Shank Bone In (2 LB)

Beef Nihari Shank Bone In (2 LB)

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Veal shank with bone in meat coming from the upper leg of the cow. To cut down on the gaminess, it’s typically cut into cross sections called shank crosscuts and then braised to make flavorful, fork-tender dishes. If not cooked for a long time at high heat, crosscut shanks can be tough, sinewy, and dry. But that’s what makes it such a popular choice for slow cookers, goshts, and other stews. Can you even imagine a Pakistani beef or Indian nihari made without some crosscuts? We can’t! • It is Certified HMA Halal. • 100% hand slaughtered • Guaranteed freshness and quality of this product • Packaged well to deliver it to your door steps.


Please Note:
If the item is not purchased AS IS, the weight of the delivered item may differ from the actual weight (approximately 20%) due to trimming, cleaning of fat, muscle and other waste. However, Memon Supermarket will ensure to minimize this waste.

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