Veal With Bone (Per LB)

Veal With Bone (Per LB)

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Traditional bone-in veal meat, cut in chunks. Our Halal Veal Bone-In is sourced from calves of age between 16-18 weeks. Perfect choice for the most tender meat. Memon Supermarket’s wholesome veal with bone meat is incredibly flavorful and great for family dinners. • It is Certified HMA Halal. • 100% hand slaughtered • Guaranteed freshness and quality of this product • Packaged well to deliver it to your door steps.

Please Note:
If the item is not purchased AS IS, the weight of the delivered item may differ from the actual weight (approximately 20%) due to trimming, cleaning of fat, muscle and other waste. However, Memon Supermarket will ensure to minimize this waste.

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